Thursday, 27 March 2008

Wildly beautiful

My first taste of Joanna Newsom was her 'Book of Right-on', which proved impossible to get out of my head for days. Recently I also bought her album 'Ys', which just blew me away with its beauty. Joanna Newsom's music is an incredible piece of instrumental and vocal originality. Her use of orchestral background and her chilling voice will make your day fall into slow motion. The lyrics are intricate, romantic, and longing for much of what we wish for in the cracks of our modern lives.


William said...

I've loved that video from the moment I first saw it. When I discovered who recorded it, I contacted him and was given permission to freely distribute the entire show, as long as I included the credits. I had it posted on stage6/, but that site recently closed. So, now you can watch or download the entire show on my personal website at a higher resolution than what you find on youtube. Feel free to drop by.

Paulina Davis said...

thank you, i'll be checking it out very soon!