Tuesday, 6 March 2007

The spring has sprung

That's right, Budapest has finally left the winter season, which really never came...The trees are starting to bloom and the longer days together with the highter temperatures are leaving the city in a bit of a better mood. Who knows, maybe soon enough I'll stop being sick too?

I have finally signed up for a Russian course here to refresh my humble knowledge of the language and so the sweet laziness of my days here is pretty much over. I haven't been writing lately, mostly because I've been busy with work and various classes I take, but also because my social life has picked up a lot after the meeting I described in my last post.

A long weekend is coming up on the Hungarian calendar and who knows, if I don't get even more sick, maybe I'll actually get to enjoy it. If I don't go away, there will be another HC meeting to attend, and if I do go out of town (though I'll hate to miss the meeting), I might make my way to Serbia on the train. Belgrade would probably be the spotlight of the trip. Fingers crossed!