Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Short & Sweet

I feel a little guilty writing this, as already too many people know about Short & Sweet, but I feel that spreading the vibe will only increase the general happiness. Short & Sweet is the only weekly short film screening club in London. They promote new talents, but also present work of the major directors, both in animation and live action. I attend their shows every week and find inspiring work shown time and again. S & S is managed by Julia Stephenson, an ultra-energetic Australian chick, whose high pitch makes the whole thing click and sway.

Short & Sweet was selected to screen the short films nominated for BAFTA this year. I got to attend one of the two sessions and saw some very interesting work. The video above is regrettably only a fragment of 'The Crumblegiant' by John McCloskey. The video below is 'The Pearce Sisters' by Luis Cook, a strange and vaguely disturbing story of two lonely sisters living by the coast. Other than the BAFTA awards, yesterday at Short & Sweet I saw Signe Bauman's 'Teat Bit of Sex', which was commissioned for European television, but is still considered too explicit to be shown on iTunes or Netflix. I find it somewhat amusing that sexual content in animation is considered too explicit considering all the sicko violent movies out there...

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