Monday, 14 January 2008


I have two French boys staying in my flat for this month and one of the things I keep hearing about is Tecktonik. It's a fairly new style of dance that started last year in Paris. Just thought I'd share...


Kate said...

Nothing new here. Looks like vogueing on top of lame hip-hop. My patriotism manifests in American vernacular dance, music and film, and very little else. Check out stepping:

Anonymous said...

This is actually exactly (!) the way I dance... people laughing.

This means I was actual, I was more than gay (and yes, they look gay) and now I'm not, cause finally got back to russian folk dances.
Exhausting, highly amplitude, feet, ass, everything hurts so much!

I miss my crazy gay style
(which is "tecnotonik" now... whatever that means)