Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Have you done your homework?

MIT has opened its gates to people all over the globe with its Open Course Ware initiative! You can now access courses online and take advantage of lecture notes, readings, tests, and sometimes even watch video lectures. I've downloaded a few courses already, but haven't explored their structure. Finally we'll all be able to explore a little bit more than what's in the bookstores in areas that we've perhaps wanted to study or wish we studied in the past.

Here's a glimpse at where the users are from:

Obviously taking these courses won't get you anywhere as far as scoring credit points, achieving a degree, or networking, but by the sound of it will give you just about all of what's fleshy in the sector of intellectual self-development. MIT is the pioneer, but with more than 100 universities worldwide joining the initiative, the choice is astounding. You can download the courses straight from the Open Course Ware webpage or use iTunes with its iTunes U, which automatically directs you to podcasts from several different sources. All curious unite!

Oh yeah, Happy New Year everyone!

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