Sunday, 16 September 2007


Coming to London, I really had only a few major objectives. Among the top priority ones were registering for courses, finding a flat, finding a job, and finding a bicycle. Yes, recently the last but not least important element clicked together with the other pieces - the bicycle dream came true. We found each other one morning and we are one. A love at first sight. I've been thinking about a name for her as we were gliding between the buildings and rolling off hills, and as I was leaving her after a day full of adventure, it finally came to me. Beauty. Yes, we glide together. I'm filled with the laughter of people having their picnics, the sounds of trees, and the sun pouring into my eyes. For a brief moment it all becomes one image mixed with the racing wind as in a picture with the exposure left for a little too long.

Yes, London is becoming more and more bicycle friendly these days. Before cycling I never bothered to look at the roads, but now that I am on the road, I notice a lot of bicycle lanes. Getting around is quite smooth, even if spotted by whirlwinds of traffic. The city seems to condense and I become a part of it, like a cell traveling up and down its arteries. Most of all, I like cycling in the evening after the day is gone. The streets are empty, except for the few couples who lost their sense of time, and you can really just sit there and sail through the streets. The only thing you notice is the constant whisper of the bicycle and the lights of the city whizzing by. Let's start a two-wheel revolution!

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Anonymous said...

She is the most feminine bicycle I've ever seen.