Friday, 14 September 2007


I saw Prince last night! Brilliant, playful, and sensual. If you're in London, check into the 3121 tour and try to get some tickets while you can (some left on gumtree, I believe). The visuals together with his dress were reminiscent of a different era. The entire show was carried out extremely professionally considering the presentation of dancers, the light effects, and the stage operations. And then there was Prince, the magnet of the crowds. What a night.

Yesterday proved again that the best moments come unexpected. Before the night excitements of Prince I took a walk through an entirely new to me area of London (from Greenwich to the Millenium Dome). The contrast of an industrial wasteland on one side of the river and the world's most dynamic financial centre on the other was truly stunning. The railway passes, sunken ships, and the refineries combined with skycrapers and the Millenium Dome created a skyline like nowhere else I've seen before. What a day.

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Melahn said...

I want pictures of sunken ships!