Thursday, 7 June 2007

Just a taste of it...

Here we go, the London Olympics team has finally given us what I guess was at least intended to be a pleasant prelude to the whole monstrous event. Having sat through the underground train delays, taken bus replacement routes, and generally thought of emigrating for a while from London for the time of the Olympics, you would think that at least the symbol I'm might be seeing all over London for the next 5 years would be designed to be more visually pleasing. There have actually been reports of people having epileptic seizures upon seeing the logo! (You can read about it here...)

With London having more than enough tourism as it is, I can't think of what the city will be like when thousands of people will arrive and behave pretty much as the British do in eastern Europe - which is watch sports with too much alcohol and drugs while effortlessly making the lives of the day-to-day Londoners that much more to get through. As though this wasn't enough, all of us getting through the construction and the dubious entertainment of the Olympics tourists, will also have to cover the bill at the end of the day. Yay!

I can't even imagine what the public transport will be like around that time either, as it is not much fun to be on the underground in the summer as it is considering both the amount of people trying to breathe in the same space and the novelty-free approach of the tube management to provide any wider scale cooling system. So far the only 'hot weather advice' is "Carry a bottle of water with you and, if you are feeling unwell, contact a member of station staff who will be able to help. Water will be available to passengers if it is needed." Luke-warm water anyone?
By the way, I've added a new album with some of my May 2007 London pics. Feel free to check them out!


mark said...

Nice pic! Sorry about your taxes!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, GRANDMOTHER!
Day-to-day Londoners will survive somehow!
Well, a heat, a problem with toilets... So what? ))
Deuce take this taxes, forget about this insignificant trivial matters.
The event is so handsome, isn’t it cool?!
Don’t forget to take and use your camera in 2012. )))

mark said...

It's funny how the Polish Princess is moaning about tourists and the tube like a real Londoner, which I suppose you are really. Listen, forget about linguistics after the degree. Get on a photography course if you can. You may have talent and you do have the personality for people shots.