Friday, 26 January 2007

New Post it is

I know I haven't been writing, but that's just because of the time sacrifice I've had to take in order to create yet another thing online, this time a web page that'll be a collection of pretty much all my pictures. To nerd or not to nerd, that is the question, I guess, but you should be able to see the effects pretty soon. Oh yeah, does anyone know how to put a feed from a blogger blog onto a .Mac site?

My life in Budapest has settled back into its little routine from before I left for the U.S., only that now I actually have to make sure I dress well enough, since the global warming deal seems to have been cancelled temporarily. Puddles have frozen and it has now become officially too cold to sit outside anymore, therefore the Budapestians huddle yet closer together in their even smokier cafes.

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Nats said...

your photos are GORGEOUS!!!!