Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sacred monsters

Last night I could feel only two things: clear happiness and a the strange pride of being human. The potential of the human mind and body suddenly dawned on me again as I watched Sylvie Guillem and Akham Khan unwind on stage at Sadler's Wells. 'Sacred Monsters' is possibly the most appropriate title for this piece. With its minimalist scenography, stunning musical accompaniment, and the dancers' elegance, 'Sacred Monsters' was one of the most exceptional pieces of contemporary dance I have ever seen. Despite being very casual, the performance echoed everything contemporary dance should be about: beauty, athletics, and above all, the expression of the human soul and creativity.

Sylvie's fleeting innocence and striking technique contrasted and complemented Akhan's strenght and sophistication in their common struggle between conforming to traditional forms of dance and the journey into the contemporary expressive dance form. The dancing varied from aggression and internal conflict to surprising humour and tenderness. The weight of Akham's choices and Sylvie's worries of futility in dance were perfectly balanced with sparks of humour and the striking ease between the dancers. Beautiful, inspiring, or as Sylvie pointed out, simply 'merveilleuse'.

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