Saturday, 16 December 2006

DC (and the Paul Taylor Dance Co.)

My stay in Washington was an absolute delight. I was wined and dined and taken to all sorts of wonderful events by my charming grandfather-in-law. My flight from NY was not the best prelude to this city, but the 7 hour delay (4.5 of which I spent on tarmac) was well worth it in the end. It would be wrong to compare it to NYC, but this town definitely has a lot going on artwise. On the crisp evenings I spent in DC I went to the Philharmonic and to a show by the Paul Taylor Dance Company.

I can't say I have a vast knowledge of contemporary dance, but I definitely am a fan. This show was one of the most enjoyable things I have ever seen. Paul Taylor is said to be the greatest living choreographer and at the end of the performance showed his face to a standing ovation . The show consisted of four parts and each of them touched the audience with currents of humour, youthfullness, as well as fear and darkness. The picture above is from the 'Banquet of Vultures', which was a take on Bush and on the permanence of warfare. The dancers were fantastic and I'm unsure who is more lucky to have whom - Paul Tylor the dancers or the other way round. See this show if it comes to your town.

And before it gets too late to say it - Merry Christmas everyone!

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